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DoYouMail improves your Email Setup time by 500%. Focus on growing your business while we handle the tech. Go Unlimited Domains and Inboxes.
Richard Thomas:
Email Outreach growth user
Do-You-Mail is a game-changer for outreach. With self owned email infrastructure, automated DNS setup, and cost savings on unlimited inboxes, it's a marketer's dream. Compared to other services charging up to $6-$15 per month per inbox, Do-You-Mail is fantastic cost saving for us. With Do-You-Mail, the system takes care of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup, ensuring a perfect email score. This means I can focus more on growing my business while the platform maintains the infrastructure for me. It's a game-changer! The dedicated IP ensures control over email server reputation. Do-You-Mail is really a revolutionary product, and innovative solution for email marketers.


Do You Mail: Built for You

Let us scale your Email Infrastructure

DoYouMail Automatic DNS Setup

Stop Wasting Time with Manual Email Setup

Do-You-Mail takes care of your SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup to get a perfect Email Score, without spending countless hours on configuring and managing your domain records.

So that, you can spend more time in growing your business while the System maintains the Infra for you.

Reduce your bills - Own your Email Infra

Do-You-Mail provides you with virtually unlimited Inboxes (for Emails), so that, your Cost doesn't scale up, as you scale your business.

Now compare it to your existing bill in USD of - $6 / month / inbox to $12 /month / inbox. It really is a game changer.

DoYouMail save cost
DoYouMail Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP - reign in your own hands

Do-You-Mail provides you with perfect Setup, to ensure you control your Email Server's reputation. It comes with a dedicated IP, that's only allocated to one customer.

Clean IP - clean slate for you

Do-You-Mail provides you with clean IP.

They will perform as good as you care for them. Our customer's are states they are getting better results then Zoho.

DoYouMail save cost

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